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blogOnce thought of as a luxury only found in restaurants and sprawling estates, an instant hot water dispenser is now easily affordable by people of almost all income levels and a great convenience item in any kitchen.

Think of all the ways you use hot water in your kitchen on a daily basis; making hot coffee or tea, boiling pasta, rice or vegetables. Now think about the time and energy it takes to boil that pot of water on your stove. An instant hot water faucet provides you with near-boiling, 200-degree water as soon as you turn on the faucet.

This dedicated faucet is mounted next to your existing faucets and connected a hot water tank installed under your kitchen sink. The tank refills itself after each use; plus, tank sizes come as small as 2/3 of a gallon and as large as 60 gallons.

Sink-top faucets come in a variety of styles, finishes and sizes, too, to match your existing décor – that way, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function.

Once you have an instant hot water faucet installed, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. Here are five very practical uses:

  1. Use it to get a head start on cooking rice or pasta.
  2. Enjoy a truly instant cup of coffee or tea.
  3. Warm up your baby’s bottle or food in record time.
  4. Helps remove baked or cooked on foods in pots, pans, and oven-safe dishes.
  5. Add some hot water to potpourri to keep the air smelling fresh and clean
  6. Add a little ammonia to a cup of hot water to clean your jewelry
  7. Use some hot water to remove wax from a candle holder

We’ll let you take the possibilities from there. Should you like what you’ve seen and imagine, contact CT Mechanical Solutions to request installation of a hot water dispenser in your kitchen. We’re confident after just one day, you’ll be thinking just how primitive life was before you owned one.