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3 Common Garbage Disposal Repairs

Is something wrong with your garbage disposal that requires professional plumbing assistance? Here are 4 ways to know for sure, along with some simple and practical self-help tips. Loss of Power. If it appears that your disposal has no power, check your fuse-box or circuit breaker box to be certain. If the unit has power, […]

Is There Too Much Iron in Your Water?

Right up front, and to put your mind at ease, even high levels of iron in your water are not harmful to your health. You simply couldn’t drink enough water for damage to occur. On the other hand, iron is a corrosive element and, at high levels, can cause damage to your plumbing leading to […]

Why You Should Drink More Water

It’s darn near impossible to turn the TV these days without seeing umpteen commercials on how you can improve the quality of your life. Health and nutrition experts are also frequent guests on the morning news shows – some even have their own programs. With so much advice coming your way from every which direction, […]

Low Flow Aerators Help Conserve Water

Families all across these United States are practicing reduced water consumption tactics every day. And once something becomes a habit, you don’t even think of it as a water-saving measure. It’s just your new norm. Take your teeth, for example. Once upon a time when we lived in a land of abundance, or thought we […]

How to Clear a Blocked Kitchen Drain

You know when your kitchen sink is most likely to clog? When you have the least amount of time or patience to deal with it. Or, at least that’s how it usually feels. But what if it were a great deal simpler to clear that messy clog than you think? Put the following DIY tips […]

Summer Annoyances and Solutions

Summer is the stuff dreams are made of. A time to relax and unwind while enjoying sun-filled days and breezy nights with family and friends. A time where your biggest worry should be whether to have a BBQ dinner on the patio or a picnic at the park. Unfortunately, summer also brings some pesky annoyances […]

Watch Out for Hidden Water Leaks

There’s nothing fun about dealing with water leaking from a pipe or elsewhere, but some water leaks are much easier to handle than others.  Which ones? Those that you can readily see and tend to before any property damage occurs. Conversely, your worst nightmare of water leak is the kind you can’t readily detect – […]

What Causes Low Water Pressure at Home?

Low water pressure can be a frustrating problem, and not always easy to pinpoint. That’s because low water pressure is caused by a number of different factors. So how should a determined home owner launch their own personal investigation before determining if a plumber is needed to solve the problem? The first thing to do […]

Bathroom Remodeling Trends You Should Think Twice About

People often say that if you wait long enough, everything eventually comes back in style. What else, for example, can explain the return of high-waisted jeans? But when it comes to your home, jumping on the latest design trend can prove to be a regrettable expense, especially if you plan on selling in the near […]

How to Enjoy Instant Hot Water at Home

Depending on the age and condition of your water heater, you could have a fairly extensive wait for the water to get to that “just right” temperature. No one really enjoys that wait, it’s just that some people are more stoic about it than others.   If you’re among the less stoic group of people […]