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Plumbing Repair Tips for Home Owners

The next time a plumbing problem rears its ugly head in your home, wouldn’t life be a whole lot simpler if you could fix the problem yourself, and do so with confidence? So, take note of the following home plumbing self-help tips, and then think a little about what you can do with all the […]

Common Water Heater Repair Problems

Ah, that wondrous appliance – your storage tank type water heater. Sturdy and dependable, it does its job day in and day out. Until one day it doesn’t. Maybe the problem just happens, or maybe there are warning signs indicating the need for intervention, such as hot water that more and more doesn’t look or […]

The Benefits of Annual Water Heater Maintenance

There are certain events that can only take place at various specific times. Take going to Fenway Park to catch the Red Sox home opener, for example. You either make plans to go in April or you skip it until next year. Love to go blueberry picking? You have a very small window of opportunity […]

7 Reasons to Install an Instant Hot Water Dispenser in Your Kitchen

Once thought of as a luxury only found in restaurants and sprawling estates, an instant hot water dispenser is now easily affordable by people of almost all income levels and a great convenience item in any kitchen. Think of all the ways you use hot water in your kitchen on a daily basis; making hot […]

The Benefits of a Whole-House Plumbing Inspection.

Most people wouldn’t even think of buying a new house without having the plumbing inspected, even if such an inspection weren’t required. And yet many of those same people never again think about a having their plumbing inspected, at least not in that same house. Where’s the logic in that? Frankly, there isn’t much, if […]

How to Hire the Right Plumber for Your Home or Business.

Are you home at the moment? If so, and no matter where exactly you might be, we’re betting you wouldn’t have to walk very far to come in contact with a water source. That’s because home plumbing is pretty much everywhere, even in places you can’t see it. But if something were to go wrong […]

Is One of Your Pipes Leaking Water?

Some household water leaks are easy to spot either by sight, sound, or both. Those you can tend to in short order and thus minimize wasted water along with the risk of residual damage to your home or valuable possessions. But what about those water leaks that aren’t as readily noticeable? The kind that could […]