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Is There Too Much Iron in Your Water?

Right up front, and to put your mind at ease, even high levels of iron in your water are not harmful to your health. You simply couldn’t drink enough water for damage to occur. On the other hand, iron is a corrosive element and, at high levels, can cause damage to your plumbing leading to […]

Radon Testing & Remediation Can Help Protect Your Family

Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that is commonly found in soil.  Certain parts of Connecticut are known for their above average concentrations. How does radon get inside your home?  Your home acts like a vacuum, drawing radon in through dirt floors, hollow-block walls, cracks in the foundation floor and walls and openings around […]

How to Ensure Safe Drinking Water in Your Home.

As more and more people opt out of costly and wasteful bottled water, beverage companies are spending millions of dollars to convince us that our tap water isn’t as pure and safe as it should be. Well, given the increased awareness of environmental and chemical pollution, how CAN you be certain your home water supply […]

The Benefits of an Undersink Water Filter for Your Home.

Here are three things you never want to see or otherwise discern in your home: An elephant in your bathroom A skunk in your kitchen Worms pouring out of your kitchen faucet Pretty crazy, right? The first two on the list, maybe, but not so much item #3, or at least something equally disgusting in […]

Problems Caused by Home Acidic Water.

As you strive to achieve and maintain optimum levels of good health, you need to maintain a body pH level of 7.364, or as close to that as possible. Anything lower, and you’ll start to retain too much acid which can lead to thinner bones, weaker muscle mass, and other problems. Conversely, higher-than-normal body pH […]