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Traditionally, spring and early summer are the best times to buy or sell a home. However, fall offers some unique benefits to would-be sellers that the warmer months do not.

While the pool of potential buyers might be smaller, chances are that hose looking are more motivated and serious about finding a home and moving in as quickly as possible. Instead of the occasional “tire-kickers” you encounter in spring or summer, fall house hunters are often driven by a job relocation or a significant life event that requires serious and prompt action.

So, if you plan on selling your home this fall, follow these 10 steps to make your home look its best and, ideally, sell faster.

  1. Clean up the yard. Keep the grass mowed, fill in any dead patches, and cut back overgrown vegetation.
  2. Patch or seal any side walk or driveway cracks.
  3. Add curb appeal with seasonal plants and accent with motion-activated lighting.
  4. If your front door is looking tired, freshen it up with a coat of paint. A seasonal wreath lends an added feeling of “welcome.”
  5. If you’re painting the interior, choose light, neutral colors like pale yellow or beige.
  6. Keep rooms free of clutter and remove large, bulky furniture pieces.
  7. Add simple, tasteful, fall-inspired decorations such as a bowl filled with red apples, warm-hued throw pillows, and fragrant pillar candles.
  8. If you have a fire place, be sure to clean it out. Accent it with logs or candles.
  9. Welcome would-be buyers with the smell of fresh baked apple pie or hot apple cider.
  10. Ensure sure your home is well lit with strategically placed accent lamps for a softer, more inviting glow.

That’s the easy stuff, right?  But if you’re serious about completing the sale of your home in timely fashion and with a minimum of haggling, you might also want to effect even small upgrades in your kitchen or bathroom.

New faucets, a bright shiny replacement sink, a modern, low-flow toilet, and other improvements can go a long way to modernizing the look of your house without breaking the bank.

Here at CT Mechanical Solutions, we can handle kitchen and bathroom upgrades large and small, and that goes for added resale value or strictly for your own pleasure. To learn more and schedule a free in-home project estimate, contact us today.