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If your primary goal in remodeling your bathroom is to add value to your home, think as if you were the buyer, not the seller.  As in, what about a home’s bathrooms would elevate your interest level, perhaps enough to consider making an offer?

When looked at that way, here are some of the bathroom upgrades currently adding real value to sellers’ homes:

Is One Bathroom Enough?

If yours is a one-bathroom house, your next best move is to a second bathroom before remodeling the one you already have (unless, of course, the current bathroom is in a total shambles).  Homes with only one bathroom can be much harder to sell, and typically sell for substantially less than homes with two or more bathrooms.

Added Luxury Spells Added Value

Adding a hot tub to the master bathroom can be another major plus on prospective buyers’ wish lists. These tubs are wonderful places to relax, while their mere presence can add luxury and elegance to even an ordinary décor.

Converting your shower stall or tub/shower into a steam shower also adds some “wow” value once your home goes on the market.  Not only will prospective buyers appreciate the modern day touch, but will view your steam shower as an element deserving of bragging rights.

Multi-Purpose Bathrooms

Replacing your vanity or countertop with one that holds twin sinks screams of “added convenience” and less stress for multiple people trying to get ready to face their days at the same time.  

Plan Before You Buy 

Here’s more advice to help you get the most return for your bathroom remodeling project.

Don’t Over Spend

You don’t have to spend a lot of money remodeling to make a bathroom look upscale and beyond ordinary. Simple steps like swapping out laminate flooring for neutral tile or stone, and replacing Formica with granite or wood, can make a huge difference on a small-size renovation budget.

Hire Experienced & Trustworthy Pros

To achieve the kind and style of bathroom you really want, you want a contractor who shares your vision, respects your budget, and knows how to help maximize both the bathroom’s functionality and the impact it ultimately has on your home’s resale value.

Well, that’s exactly what you can expect from CT Mechanical Solutions.  We can handle your bathroom remodeling project from soup to nuts or just those aspects on your “need it done now” list.  For more information and a free bathroom remodeling quote, contact CT Mechanical Solutions today.