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Thinking about buying a new water heater?  Here’s a quick rundown on the major differences among gas, electric, and gas tankless models.

Advantages of Natural Gas Water Heaters

  1. Quick recovery.  Gas water heaters recover twice as fast as electric units. 
  2. Lower operating costs.  Typically costs less to operate than an electric storage tank model.
  3. Safety.  Natural gas water heaters have an excellent safety record, especially when properly maintained.
  4. Minimal environmental impact.  Of all the fossil fuels, gas burns the most efficiently.

Advantages of Electric Water Heaters

  1. Lower initial purchase cost.  Electric water heaters cost up to $700 less to purchase.
  2. Lower installation cost.
  3. Longer lifespan.  Natural gas water heaters have built-in corrosive elements that typically shorten their lifespan when compared to electric water heaters.
  4. No greenhouse emissions.  Electrical water heaters are more environmentally friendly than gas.
  5. Greater accessibility. Electric water heaters can be installed in any home electricity.  Natural gas, on the other hand, in not readily available in all residential areas, if available at all.

Advantages of Gas Tankless Water Heaters

  1. Can be used for whole-house or single-source applications, like a new bathroom.
  2. Lower energy costs as there’s no storage tank needed to constantly run and keep the water heated.  Instead, cold water flows through a heat exchanger as soon as your turn on a faucet where it’s instantly heated, thereby giving you hot water “on demand.”
  3. Fewer working parts mean a longer system lifespan and fewer repairs.
  4. It’s small, compact size frees up valuable space for storage or other purposes.

Not an easy decision, is it?  Don’t worry, it’s one you won’t have to make alone when you contact us, CT Mechanical Solutions, for professional guidance and a free new system quote. Helping our customers enjoy all the hot water they need is one of the things we do best.