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Depending on the age and condition of your water heater, you could have a fairly extensive wait for the water to get to that “just right” temperature. No one really enjoys that wait, it’s just that some people are more stoic about it than others.


If you’re among the less stoic group of people in Connecticut who tire easily of waiting for your water to heat up, we’ve got great news for you.  Now, you can have an instant supply of hot water from any faucet or hot-water-using appliance without having to replace your water heater. It’s an affordable solution on virtually any budget that allows you to conserve tons of water, too.

What’s the answer?  A hot water recirculating pump from CT Mechanical Solutions.  

How a hot water recirculating pump works

In a typical plumbing system, hot water is sent from the water heater to a faucet. When the latter is shut off, the water that was sent cools down in the pipes. The next time you turn on that or any other faucet, the wait time starts all over again.

With a hot water recirculating pump, that cooled-down water is sent back to the water heater and is reheated. At the same time, a small amount of hot water is steadily being pumped throughout your plumbing system from your water heater and back again. And that’s what gives you hot water without waiting.  

Recirculating pump benefits

Besides helping to calm your nerves, you can conserve huge amounts of water once you have a hot water recirculating pump installed. That also leads to a reduction in your water bills.

You also can expect a reduction in your electric and gas utility bills, too. Since less water leaves the tank, the tank doesn’t have to work as hard refilling and reheating, plus there’s less wear and tear on your water heater which should help extend its lifespan.

There are different types of recirculating pumps available with one just right for every home and family’s hot water needs.  To learn more or schedule installation, contact CT Mechanical Solutions today.