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blogAre you home at the moment? If so, and no matter where exactly you might be, we’re betting you wouldn’t have to walk very far to come in contact with a water source. That’s because home plumbing is pretty much everywhere, even in places you can’t see it.

But if something were to go wrong with your plumbing oh, let’s say, right now? Would you know exactly who to call and, if so, could you make that call feeling supremely confident that the problem would soon be solved to your complete satisfaction?

If not, then sooner or later – perhaps even now – it would behoove you to establish a relationship with a known, licensed, and respected local plumbers. One who remembers you and your home from one service call to the next. One who patiently listens to your concerns, understands your priorities, and makes you feel that their business just wouldn’t be the same without you as a customer.

And yes, start the process sooner than later before you really need a plumber. That way you can take your time, seek information from and about more multiple local plumbers, and let them earn your business vs. you just handing it out.

What factors should you consider in your search for the right plumber for your home or business? We’d like to suggest at least the following:

  1. Are they licensed to work in Connecticut?
  2. What kinds of insurance do they carry, and exactly how do those coverages protect you and your home?Do they provide estimates in writing and explain exactly what’s included and what it isn’t?
  3. Do they warranty their plumbing repair work and, if so, for how long? If permits are required, will they obtain them on your behalf?
  4. How well do they protect your home and the work area while working in your home or place of business? Do they cover their shoes or your floors? Do they thoroughly clean up after themselves?
  5. Are they willing and able to provide you with references?
  6. Do they have any special equipment, skills, or certifications that may not be common among local plumbers, and that further distinguish them among their competition?
  7. Do they provide ongoing training for their plumbers for your added benefit and value?
  8. Can they provide you with references, especially from customers in your home town?

Here at CT Mechanical Solutions, we hope we’ll be on your short list of companies to call for more information. Because if we are, we’re confident we can demonstrate clear value and numerous positive differences between us and others in our field. Ultimately, all we ask for is a chance to earn your trust and confidence, just as we have from home and business owners throughout the state of Connecticut.