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Like any other type of home heating, radiator systems can’t perform at their best unless you give them the proper amount of care and attention.

Here’s what you can do this winter to help keep it running at maximum efficiency:

  • blogBleed the Radiators. It’s always best to bleed them early on in the heating system to allow built-up air to escape. Simply turn the bleed valve to open and let the radiator bleed the air inside until water starts to trickle down the valve. If you live in a multi-level home, start on the top floor and work your way down.
  • Keep the Radiators Clean. Dusting your radiators routinely will help keep dust out of the air, and out of your lungs. Place a damp newspaper under the radiator while cleaning to catch and trap the dust before disposing of it in your recycling bin.
  • Check for Leaks or Corrosion. That includes grabbing a flashlight and lying down on your back to check the underside of the radiators. Also check the ceilings for signs of moisture that are located below upstairs radiators.
  • Adjust the Slope. Every radiator should gently slope towards the inlet pipe that connects to the radiator from the floor or wall. If need be, add a small wedge under the feet on the side of the vent to prevent knocking or banging noises from disrupting your quiet or sleep.
  • Check Your Inlet Valves. Inlet valves must be 100% open to let the radiators do their job. If you hear any knocking or similar noises, check the inlet valves to make sure they’re open all the way.

At CT Mechanical Solutions, we are radiator, steam, and baseboard heating specialists. Today, we invite you to call us for our multi-point tune-up and inspection service, even if the heating season is already underway. We also repair all makes and models and provide 24/7 emergency repairs to help restore heat in the shortest amount of time possible.