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blogWhether you love or dread winter in Connecticut, it carries with it certain responsibilities any home owner would be wise to carry out. Otherwise, you’re just going to have more work on your hands come next spring, and perhaps even some added expense. Here are some practical tips to help you better prepare your home for winter while earning you some “Honey, I did it!” bragging rights.

Gutters: Keeping gutters clear of dirt, leaves, and other tree debris gives water a place to go so that it doesn’t end up in your walls or attic.

Clean the deck: Fall is the perfect time to clean the deck because the moderate temperatures mean the wood won’t dry out too quickly hosing it down or power washing it. Once it’s dry you can also stain or prime the deck before painting it in the spring.

Trimming trees: As trees and shrubs go dormant for the winter, fall is the perfect time to reduce spindly branches and reshape them more to your liking. Use pruning shears for smaller branches, and a saw for larger branches.

Clean the grill: Before retiring the grill for the winter, be sure to clean out any food remnants, grease and grime. Use a de-greaser for the bottom of the grill, wash all grill racks, and wash out the base.

Take care of tools: Before putting your shovels, trimmers, and clippers into the shed or garage, be sure to clean them of debris. Wash off any dirt, rocks, sticks, or nastiness from the yard. Coat the metal portions of garden tools so they won’t rust during winter storage.

Give your house a bath: After a summer’s worth of baking in the summer sun and being hit hard by rain storms and wind, your home’s exterior is practically begging to be washed down. You can accomplish this by using a power washer, or by attaching a bottle of house cleaner to the end of a garden house. While you’re at it, you can use the same tools to clean lawn and deck tools, walk ways, your driveway, and more.

You know what else fall is great for? Making sure your home heating system has what it takes to deliver repair-free performance all winter long. What’s the best way to make that happen? That’s easy: contact CT Mechanical Solutions today to request our heating system preventative maintenance service. It’s a great way to reduce your heating costs, too.