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Multiple inches of snow might be great for plow services and ski resorts, but not so much for your house – especially if your basement is prone to flooding.

That, along with spring rains, makes spring the most nerve-wracking time of year for many central New Jersey homeowners.  So, to help ensure that the water stays out of your basement this spring, we present the following preventative measures for you to apply as appropriate:

Remove snow from around the foundation.  Scooping a few feet of snow away from the foundation and your window wells gives melting snow somewhere to go other than your basement.

Add gutter extensions. If downspouts are dumping water close to your house, you can add gutter extensions to direct the water five feet of more away.  For a more permanent and attractive solution, hire a landscaper to dig a sloping trench and install pipe to move the water.

Plug the gaps.  If water is dribbling into your basement through cracks in your foundation or around your pipes, you plug those gaps yourself with hydraulic cement or polyurethane caulk.

Restore the crown. If you never used to have flooded basements but you do now, perhaps your crown needs to be restored.  We’re talking about a crown of soil, one that that should slope at least 6 inches, top to bottom, over the first ten feet away from your house in all directions.

 Seal the cracks.  If your driveway or sidewalk is adjacent to the foundation, seal the cracks in the concrete along with the gap between the foundation and the slab to keep water from reaching your basement. Plus, by sealing the cracks before next winter, you can prevent moisture under your concrete from freezing and heaving, thereby making the problem worse.

Okay, not to be Joe Pessimist or anything, but what if water gets in your basement anyway.  A real nightmare, right?  Well, it’s one that can be avoided with a little help from CT Mechanical Solutions. By installing a sump pump in your basement or back-up pump to the one you already have, you’ll be prepared for spring rain and melting like never before.

Why a back-up sump pump? Main sump pumps run on electricity, while back-ups are either battery- or water-operated.  So, should your main sump pump fail or your suddenly lose power, the back-up pump will immediately engage to continue moving the water back outside where it belongs.  Contact us today for more information and a free in-home proposal.