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As winter approaches, our thoughts turn to days and evenings spent curled up in a favorite blanket, large bowls of warm home-made soup, and the welcoming scent of a wood-burning fire.

Unfortunately, winter also can bring uncomfortably high energy bills as we struggle to keep our homes and families comfortable with a heating system that’s seen better days.

home heat loss

Of course, let’s not pin all the blame on those poor, older furnaces and boilers.  Because even brand new homes with new heating systems lose heat, thus driving up the cost of your heating bills because a corner or two was cut during construction and for various other reasons.

Here’s where heat loss is most likely to incur inside your home:

  • 35% caused by air leaks in your ductwork.
  • 18% – 20% through windows and doors
  • Floors and basements account for 15% – 18% of heat loss
  • 10% – 14% through walls and ceilings

Since a little knowledge really can go a long way, let’s look now at how you can effectively stem the tide of heat loss:

  1. Repair and seal any cracks around your windows and doors. Cover windows with drapes at night to keep as much warmth in, and leave drapes open during sunny days to allow the sun to warm your space naturally.
  1. Keep fireplace dampers closed when not in use. If you have glass fireplace doors, keep them closed, as well.
  1. Heat can escape through small gaps and cracks around outlets. You can purchase foam gaskets to block off any gaps around your electrical fixtures.
  1. Check to see if your walls and attic are properly insulated. Good insulation is an investment that will more than pay for itself.
  1. If you have a ceiling fan, run it in reverse during cold weather months. This will push the warm air that settles at the ceiling down to where you need it most.

In addition, you can also help reduce your home heating costs by having your system professionally cleaned and inspected.  At CT Mechanical Solutions, that’s a specialty of ours, one designed also to extend the life of your system while reducing the frequency and cost of repairs.  If it’s been a year or longer since your heating system was last professionally serviced, contact CT Mechanical Solutions today.