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blogWhen the stars are correctly aligned, companies like ours work with home owners like you to keep your plumbing operating problem-free for as long as possible. We can’t do it by ourselves and, unless you’re a skilled plumber, you can’t either. But together, we make a terrific combination that can take great care of your plumbing fixtures and systems.

Before we tell you a little about what we can do on your behalf, here a few things ways you can help your own cause:

Problem: Frozen pipes.

Prevention: First, you’ll want to insulate all water pipes located in unheated spaces like a under a cabinet or inside your garage. For best results, wrap exposed pipes with foam insulation. Opening cabinet doors beneath your kitchen or bathroom sink at night will allow the warm air to circulate and further resist freezing. Letting one faucet drip just a little bit of cold water overnight is another good way to prevent pipes from freezing.

Problem: Leaking or burst pipes.

Prevention: Keeping your pipes from freezing is a great way to prevent burst pipes. But leaks can result from other causes such as internal corrosion and root penetration into your sewer line. Scheduling an annual plumbing inspection is a great way to have a professional keep an eye on things for you.

Problem: Blocked drains or toilets.

Prevention: Make sure nothing is disposed of in the sink or toilet that doesn’t belong there, including wet naps, paper towel, grease, cigarette butts, and trash of any kind. All that “stuff” should be disposed of in your trash. For added protection, check bathroom sink and tub drains periodically for buildup of hair and biofilm.

Problem: Gas leaks.

Prevention: If you have an older gas water heater, you need to be alert to possible gas leaks. One way is to hire a professional plumber to install a gas and water leak alarm to alert you at the first sign of trouble. If you do smell gas, evacuate your house as quickly as possible and call your plumber from your cell phone once you’re safely outdoors.

For an added ounce of protection, CT Mechanical Solutions recommends an annual whole-house plumbing inspection. The cost is nominal but the benefits are potentially huge based on our ability to prevent big and costly problems from happening down the road. If it’s been a year or longer since your plumbing was last inspected, why not call CT Mechanical Solutions today. We’re your local plumbing professionals.