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Left alone to do as it pleases, mold and mildew (one type of mold) can take over an entire “neighborhood”, or area of your house – a basement wall, a bathroom ceiling, and just about anywhere else near where a plumbing leak might occur. But just because you can see mold, as unsightly as it might be, doesn’t mean you’re seeing it all. Because if the water leak occurs behind wall, then mold is building up on the other side of that wall or ceiling, too.


Then again, looks aren’t everything since mold is a health hazard, too.  Just ask anyone with mold-related allergy or asthma problems. These are the usual health symptoms associated with mold:

  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Headache, anxiety, depression, memory loss, and visual disturbances
  • Immune system disturbances and fatigue
  • GI problems
  • Shortness of breath

Since there is no way to keep your house mold-free, the best you can do is control its growth.  And the best way to do that is fix water leaks as soon as you find them and remove excess humidity wherever that might inside your home.

The most frequent mold sightings inside a home occur here:

  • Bathrooms and kitchens, especially under sinks
  • Behind or under appliances that hide slow plumbing leaks (refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.)
  • Inside an attic from a roof leaks
  • Around windows where condensation collects
  • High humidity areas of your home, such as basements

Often, the first sign of a mold problem is a “musty” odor, one you are no doubt familiar with. Other leading indicators include bent or buckled floorboards, carpet discoloration, fresh water stains on a wall or ceiling, and those familiar black or white mold spots that scream “Here I am!”

So, at the first sign of a water leak, even if you’re not 100% sure you have one, contact CT Mechanical Solutions so we can diagnose the problem and fix it to your complete satisfaction. We’ve seen the ravages of mold before, and it’s not pretty.