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blogSome household water leaks are easy to spot either by sight, sound, or both. Those you can tend to in short order and thus minimize wasted water along with the risk of residual damage to your home or valuable possessions.

But what about those water leaks that aren’t as readily noticeable? The kind that could be taking place behind a wall, above a ceiling, inside your toilet tank, or even under a concrete slab. Those are the leaks that can cause significantly more damage and cost more to repair because of how long they can go undetected.

In fact, and for all you know, there could be an active water leak somewhere inside or outside your home right now, with you none the wiser. Is there a way to find out? There’s ALWAYS a way to find out, and here are just some of them:

  • Water bills that seem unusually high
  • Water meter movement even when you’re not using any water
  • Chronic sewer backup problems
  • Toilets that seem to run forever
  • Running water sounds when no water-using appliances or faucets are in use
  • Spongy, soft, or discolored walls
  • Musty odors from floors, walls, or sewers
  • Cracked or unusually damp foundation or slab
  • Mildew, warm areas on concrete floors, or excessive moisture under carpets
  • Unusually wet or moist areas in your yard

Remember: wasted water isn’t the only issue at hand. An unchecked water leak can cause serious structural damage to walls, floors, and ceilings. If water comes in contact with a light fixture, it also can cause an electric shock.

If you discover one or more signs of a hidden water leak, contact CT Mechanical Solutions for our electronic water leak detection service. Our equipment can see where the human eye can’t, thus enabling us to more quickly and accurately locate and diagnose the problem before recommending the right course of action to make matters right again.

CT Mechanical Solutions – always ready to help keep your house structurally sound, and your family as safe as can be.