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Families all across these United States are practicing reduced water consumption tactics every day. And once something becomes a habit, you don’t even think of it as a water-saving measure. It’s just your new norm.

Take your teeth, for example. Once upon a time when we lived in a land of abundance, or thought we did, most of kept the water running until we were all done brushing, and then rinsed our mouths and brushes. We never thought of that as wasteful, it was simply how things were done.

But, necessity being the eternal mother of invention, we all got smarter and more careful with what the planet has entrusted us with, including water. Today, millions of people brush their teeth two or three times a day with the faucet off until the brushing is done. Kudos to everyone involved.

Looking to do even more to conserve water? Then here’s an equally simple and low-budget way to accomplish that goal: install a low-flow aerator on every faucet in your home.  An aerator is a screen that’s attached to the bottom of your faucet that breaks up the water into tiny streams. These streams are mixed with air, leaving less space for water to pass through and reducing the flow rate.

With standard faucets, the flow rate is typically between three and five gallons per minute. By installing a low flow faucet aerator, you can reduce water flow to as low as 0.5 gallons per minute while still receiving an adequate stream of water.

Not only will you be conserving vast quantities of water, you’ll notice the reduction in your water bills, too. Plus, you’ll be making more water available for more pressing purposes without inconveniencing your family in any way.

The average aerator costs about $5 and is easy-as-pie to install. We urge you to outfit all your faucets with aerators at your first opportunity.

At CT Mechanical Services, we offer numerous water-savings products for families like yours. To learn more or request a free quote, please contact us today or anytime the need arises.