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The next time a plumbing problem rears its ugly head in your home, wouldn’t life be a whole lot simpler if you could fix the problem yourself, and do so with confidence? So, take note of the following home plumbing self-help tips, and then think a little about what you can do with all the money you’ll save!

Toilet Tips

  • If your toilet overflows, turn off the water supply using the handle on the wall next to the toilet. Then press down on the flapper inside the toilet tank to stop water from flowing. If plunging doesn’t fix the clog, try snaking the toilet until it drains.
  • Toilets also can develop leaks between the tank and bowl. You might not notice a minor leak, but you can detect one by placing a sheet of toilet paper between the tank and bowl while the toilet is not running. If the toilet paper comes out damp or wet, there’s a leak.

blogSink or Bathtub Tips

  • If the sink or bathtub drains slowly or not at all, first remove and clean the trap. Hair, dirt, and other debris can build up and form a clog. Then try plunging or snaking the drain and/or use a chemical or organic drain cleaner. If you don’t have the latter on hand, contact Snappy as organic drain cleaning liquids are not available in retail stores.
  • If a sink or bathtub faucet drips, the most common solution is to replace certain internal components. Faucets use a rubber gasket that clamps down on a metal seat to stop the water flow. If this gasket cracks or wears out, water will drip. Replacing the rubber washer will stop the drip and prevent damage to other faucet components.

Water Heater Tips

  • Observe your water heater frequently for signs such as water leaking from the bottom of the tank, no hot water, rust-colored hot water, or high-pitched whining sounds.
  • If any of these signs occur, it’s a good idea to drain your water heater storage tank to remove mineral sediment buildup.

If any of this is beyond your skill set, or you simply don’t have the time or patience to do any of your own plumbing work, you can always pick up the phone and call CT Mechanical Solutions. We provide service in and around Bristol, CT and throughout Central Connecticut and beyond. It would be our great pleasure to serve as your family plumber, too.