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How to Prevent Basement Flooding

Multiple inches of snow might be great for plow services and ski resorts, but not so much for your house – especially if your basement is prone to flooding. That, along with spring rains, makes spring the most nerve-wracking time of year for many central New Jersey homeowners.  So, to help ensure that the water […]

How to Prevent Home Heat Loss

As winter approaches, our thoughts turn to days and evenings spent curled up in a favorite blanket, large bowls of warm home-made soup, and the welcoming scent of a wood-burning fire. Unfortunately, winter also can bring uncomfortably high energy bills as we struggle to keep our homes and families comfortable with a heating system that’s […]

How to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing

By Tim Mozelak If you live in constant fear that your unheated water pipes can freeze, burst, and cause a watery mess in your garage, basement, and elsewhere, it’s time to turn that fear into an action plan. The best part is, it doesn’t take a ton of effort to prevent pipes from freezing – […]

How Bathroom Remodeling Adds Value to Your Home

If your primary goal in remodeling your bathroom is to add value to your home, think as if you were the buyer, not the seller.  As in, what about a home’s bathrooms would elevate your interest level, perhaps enough to consider making an offer? When looked at that way, here are some of the bathroom […]

What an Instant Hot Water Dispenser Can Do for You

How many times a day do you boil water for tea or even partially boil it just because you want the water a little hotter than your tap can produce? Most people would say “several times”. But here’s the follow-up question: how many more times each day do you wish you had hotter-than-tap water but […]

How to Detect a Hidden Water Leak

Sometimes it’s easy to spot a leaking pipe or faucet by sight, sound, or both. And, if you’ve ever dealt with a water leak before, you know that early detection is the key to minimizing or avoiding damage. But what about those water leaks that aren’t so easy to detect, like those under concrete floors, […]

How to Prevent Home Plumbing Problems

When the stars are correctly aligned, companies like ours work with home owners like you to keep your plumbing operating problem-free for as long as possible. We can’t do it by ourselves and, unless you’re a skilled plumber, you can’t either. But together, we make a terrific combination that can take great care of your […]

Plumbing Repair Tips for Home Owners

The next time a plumbing problem rears its ugly head in your home, wouldn’t life be a whole lot simpler if you could fix the problem yourself, and do so with confidence? So, take note of the following home plumbing self-help tips, and then think a little about what you can do with all the […]

How to Prepare Your Property for Winter

Whether you love or dread winter in Connecticut, it carries with it certain responsibilities any home owner would be wise to carry out. Otherwise, you’re just going to have more work on your hands come next spring, and perhaps even some added expense. Here are some practical tips to help you better prepare your home […]

How to Prevent Heating System Problems.

So what’s your favorite month of the year? Here in Central Connecticut, the fall months are usually at or near the top of most peoples’ lists. For one thing, the days are still warm and on the long side, but with less heat and humidity than we experience during the summer. Then there’s fall foliage, […]