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How many times a day do you boil water for tea or even partially boil it just because you want the water a little hotter than your tap can produce? Most people would say “several times”.

But here’s the follow-up question: how many more times each day do you wish you had hotter-than-tap water but just don’t feel like turning on your stove yet again? Here’s the point: now you can have hot water as fast as you want it and for all sorts of practical uses with an instant hot water dispenser from CT Mechanical Solutions.

It produces 200-degree water from the moment you turn it on. That means no waiting for water to boil. What’s more, it doesn’t replace your current hot and cold water combo, it’s installed right nearby with a countertop faucet connected to an under-sink hot water tank – one with as much capacity as you need.

Okay, so let’s say you just had one installed this minute – what could you do with it? Here are just a few ideas to try on for size:

  • Warm up baby food and bottles
  • Remove tomato skins
  • Blanche vegetables
  • Prepare a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate
  • Really, REALLY clean that roasting pan
  • Polish your better jewelry or silver
  • Loosen those jar lids that otherwise require the strength of Superman
  • Heat up the ice cream scoop for faster and smoother action
  • Pour it into a pre-packaged soup or macaroni and cheese mix

We’re only getting warmed up here (pardon the pun), but you get the idea. An instant hot water faucet not only will save you bundles of time, but can help simplify certain household chores like never before.

For more information or to schedule installation, contact the plumbing professionals at CT Mechanical Solutions today.